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Seven Sacred Pools – Maui Hawaii Travel Vlog

Seven Sacred Pools in Maui Hawaii is a collection of swimming holes under waterfalls. The pools are inside the Haleakala National Park which is a destination near the end of Road to Hana.It is also known as the Oheo Gulch.  It is amazing to swim in the pools under the waterfalls in the fresh water. This is a must if you are visiting Maui! I hope you enjoy this fun video to get an idea of what the seven sacred pools are like and I hope you get a chance to visit.


Seven Sacred Pools in Maui's Haleakala National Park

Seven Sacred Pools in Maui’s Haleakala National Park

I enjoyed a few hours at Freeport Grand Bahamas during a cruise to the Bahamas earlier this year. I am gathering precious travel moments and presenting them in video which I am truly coming to love. 

Lucaya Beach is a public beach accessible to anyone. It is behind the police station and across street from Lucaya Marketplace. 

I happened to visit right after a storm so the weather wasnt as great as I would have liked and water cold. I enjoyed seeing the beach nevertheless. 

I can show you better than tell you. Check out the video below for more.

Cabo Mexico Boat Tour

Cabo Mexico is a popular travel destination and many cruise ships also stop at the port of Cabo. During a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, I was able to spend a day in Cabo. I took a boat tour of the Cabo San Lucas Bay to see the famous rock formations along the coast. The video link below is a video tour of Cabo by boat. I hope you enjoy!

Savannah Georgia

​Walk with me through Savannah! – Savannah, Georgia has a lot of history and a quaint place to visit. Also known as one the most haunted cities in the US due to history of war and natural disasters. Lots of the city as been preserved due to the cities’ efforts to keep Savannah’s historical buildings intact and save a piece of Savannah’s history.

Take a walk with me in this video to see Savannah! I have a youtube channel with more videos and am building the channel. I welcome you to check out the channel and connect with me there. Let me know if you also have a youtube channel!

Where do you plan on visiting soon?

From one traveler to another. Thanks for stopping by!

Eating Our Way Through New Orleans

While in New Orleans, eat your way through the city. That is I did! Take time to indulge in the Southern and Creole food that people travel from all over the country and the world to taste for themselves. Expect to come back a few pounds heavier but that is OK! It wouldn’t be right if it were any other way! So now for a few of my favorite eats in New Orleans.


Bread Pudding – Yes I am starting with desert!  You haven’t had bread pudding until you have tried it in Nola (New Orleans).  Bread soaked in creamy, sweet, sugary goodness. Each restaurant makes it differently – some adding fruit, nuts, chocolate, bourbon, shuffle and other renditions. Most are soaked in old french bread and locals say the secret is using slightly stale bread.   The desert can be rich, especially after eating a heavy dinner, so order one for the table and share. Don’t pass up the bread pudding no matter how full you are! Each place will make it differently so it is fun to try them all.  I passed up one bread pudding at Commanders Restaurant where it is made with White Chocolate and I regret it! Some friends said it was the best desert they ever had. Oh well, next time!

King Cake – This is a fun desert with a tradition. During the Mardi Gras Carnival season, hundreds of thousands of these are eaten in New Orleans. It is similar to a coffee cake or puff pastry with fruit fillings and inside is a hidden figurine or baby. The tradition goes, that whomever gets the figurine in their piece of cake will buy the next King Cake or host the next party.  It is coated with Purple, Green and Gold decorations. Each color has a meaning – purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power.  There is an interesting history of the King Cake worth reading more about…. By the way, I can’t remember who found the baby in their cake at our table. I think someone owes me a party or another cake!


Crawfish Etouffe – This dish includes crawfish and other shell fish in a sauce or “roux” with creole seasonings. It is served over rice. This is a very popular dish. I tried this dish a few times at different restaurants to taste the variances at each place. Gumbo and Jumbalya are also two Creole dishes with some similarities in taste and are both worth trying. In regards to gumbo, I have to be honest, the gumbo dishes I tried were not all that great as maybe the restaurants didn’t put enough effort into it. I think the best gumbo was hiding in grandma’s kitchen somewhere so I suggest making friends quickly to get invited over for some good ol Gumbo. (Half kidding) We did get one invite, but unfortunately we ran out of time and had to go back home. Sad, I know.

Red Beans and Rice – This was my favorite thing to eat while there. I know it sounds so simple, but the way it is seasoned down south is absolutely delicious. This can be eaten as a side dish. The restaurant that made it best was on Bourbon Street and called Oceana.  The other dishes at Oceana were just okay, but they got the red beans and rice sooo right! No other place in NOLA made red beans and rice as good as they did!


20160119_004330.jpg 20160123_222000.jpg

(Left – Red Beans and Rice and Fried Chicken. To the right is the Étouffée.)

There are tons of other popular dishes and grubs to eat in New Orleans, but the above are just a few I enjoyed most. Seafood was my favorite thing to eat while in New Orleans and I wrote a bit about that ia a previous post. If you travel to New Orleans or have in the past, please share some of your favorite culinary experiences in the comments. I would love to hear about it!



New Orleans Skyline – Sunset on the Mississippi

As my week in New Orleans came to an end, I was off to my next adventure on a cruise to the Bahamas.  During sunset, we sailed away down the Mississippi River watching the sunset set over the New Orleans skyline.  There are smaller ships that offer day and evening cruises down the Mississippi also. It takes several hours to get all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico through the Mighty Mississippi River. On to the next adventure…. in the Bahamas.

image image

New Orleans – St Charles Ave by Street Car

While traveling to any city, we always try to see different parts of the city. This helps to give us a feel for what the city is really like beyond the tourist trap areas. Taking the street car down St Charles Ave in New Orleans was a great way to see the city. It was convenient and enjoyable.  The route begins in the French Quarter, goes through the Garden District, then travels down St Charles Ave, passing beautiful buildings, Loyola University, Tulane and Audubon Park and Zoo. There is beautiful architecture to view and it’s just a lovely sight to sit on the train and admire the buildings, mansions, cathedrals on the way. You can buy a 24 hour bus pass for a just a few dollars which will allow you to get off and back on at your leisure so that if you see something of interest, you can simply get off and walk around!

Below is some video shots of St Charles Ave while on the street car.

We rode the train to the end of the line which may have taken 45 min or so. At the end of the line, we got back on the train to visit a restaurant we saw along the way. Our next stop – Superior Seafood and Oyster Bar.

If we had more time, we would have also taken the other street car lines of different routes through the city. After reflecting on all we had done during trip, the street car was by far one of best ways to see the city. I just wish we could have seen even more of New Orleans! That just gives me another reason to go back and enjoy this wonderful city again.